Design (SE2)

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Design (SE2)

Being the first Space Empires game to feature a design system, Space Empires II had a fairly rudimentary system. Components could be added to a ship or base, and were stored in a list. Shields could also be added using a slider. (This made armor and "hull" components useless as shields were cheaper and were additionally always damaged first.) Each component had a size of 1 or more slots, and components were damaged in the order they were added to the design, with all components, no matter their size, having one hitpoint apiece. Designs had simple restrictions such as "bases cannot have engines", "cruisers cannot have more than 10 engines", or "light carriers can carry no more than 26 slots worth of components". Interestingly, primitive as it was, SE2 did implement a form of Quasi-Newtonian Propulsion, as larger ships tended to require more engines per movement point.

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