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One of the hallmarks of the Space Empires series is its customizability, and part of that customizability is the ability to design just about any object you might find in the game. This began in SE2 with the ability to design ships and bases, and was expanded on in SE3 (with customizable planets by means of facilities) and again in SE4 (with a plethora of designable units such as fighters and drones). Space Empires V is expected to take this trend further, as you will be able to design freighters and planets (as evidenced in the 3DGamers trailer), though what exactly these new design types do is not yet known.

Starfury also lets you design your ship, though in a much greater level of detail than the main-line Space Empires series, since you have only one ship to manage at a time in Starfury.

The design process itself has evolved over the years:
Design (SE2)
Design (SE3)
Design (SE4)
Design (SE5)
Design (Starfury)