Darkstar Imperium

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Darkstar Imperium

The Darkstar Imperium are your classic galactic empire, of the evil variety. They are ruled by the dark and mysterious Dark Lord Anteron, who is known for declaring war on anyone who looks at him funny, and killing those who make rude signs at him.

They exist on oxygen-rock planets, but post 1st Campaign, they have developed the technology (or rather, stolen) to colonise all planets. Infrequently they use one of their enslaved races to work for them on some planets, but they find this invariably leads to them rioting.

So far, the Imperium have appeared in the thread 100 Years of War and that was their first outing. The 100 Years of War is a timeline of 100 Years - that's 1000 turns! During which, the Imperium enslaved seven races and annihilated a further 2 via experimental weapon programs. That time is also referred to as 'The First Campaign'.

Their most fearsome weapon is the result of Project Downfall - the Peacekeeper Star Destroyer. It is named after the old Imperium nuclear missile, and can destroy entire solar systems in a single shot using it's powerful Stellar Torpedo, which causes the target sun to overload and subsequently explode, annihilating everything in the system.

They favour slow, powerful ships, which can take a beating, and only break out missiles when necessary for some long-range orbital bombardment. Most of their ships carry missiles which can destroy engines, and also tractor beams. You can run, but you'll only die tired.

The Darkstar Imperium, after having secured the Varhic Quadrant in their first Campaign, have moved on to take over another.

One of the Imperium's mottos is; "Don't forget that which you already know." - in effect, they do not ignore old weaponry. Their primary Dreadnoughts, in fact, use the finest Imperium-engineered Mark Twelve Heavy Anti-Proton Beams with extra heatsinks, making them as-powerful-as, or more-efficient-than Imperium Wave-Motion Guns.

The Imperium use a bizarre form of torture which consists of subjecting the torturee to back-to-back episodes of the worst sitcoms imaginable. The victim will eventually tell you anything, just to get rid of the godawful themes... OH THE THEMES!