Custom AIs for Download or Development (SEV)

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Released AI's

Standard Game AI's

  1. Tarsus Defensive and Diplomatic AI(SEV)

Developer - Maran

Description - Tarsus is a peaceful, expansionist, diplomatic AI in alpha testing, it is also open source and can be used as base for other developers or modders:

Version - 0.6

Download :

AI's done for specific Mods

AI's in development


Developer - Grelvis

Description - The Klingons are a deeply aggressive people, killing at will for personnel glory, and glory for the Empire.

Progress / Changes -

  • Updating with new procedures from Patch 1.25.
  • Working on a New Memory System, for remembering locations of previous combat at Warp Points.

      As a result, AI no longer sends Colony Ships mindlessly to Guarded Warp Points, but currently still sending Survey Ships.</nowiki>

  • Modified Ship Designs. 1 Capital Missile or Quantum Torpedo is a required item (eg. like the bridge)
  • More Likely to Declare War on a Weak Species to claim their planets.

      Would like to have it that they would drop troops on the planet.

  • A research pathway dedicated to developing weapons and ships earlier in the game.