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Cultures in SE4 are one of the characteristics of an empire that a player can select during game startup. Selecting a culture costs no racial points.

Most cultures offer modifiers (both positive and negative) to things like resource production and combat. The cultures can be modded by altering the file data/cultures.txt, but the default cultures available in the unmodded game are as follows:

  • Neutral: A race with no specific advantages or disadvantages.
  • Berzerkers: A highly factioned culture with an unending desire for conquest. Berzerkers are tremendous fighters with no apparent regard for personal safety. This single-minded lust for combat takes a toll on their culture's ability to advance its economy.
  • Warriors: A culture dedicated to the pursuit of combat and conquest. Strong familial bonds hold the society together and allow it to advance in non martial areas.
  • Traders: Citizens of this culture are dedicated to the pursuit of meeting other races and establishing trade with them.
  • Politicians: A highly political culture allows for advanced trade and superior leadership in combat. However, as often happens with a politically centric directive, the basics of industry are neglected.
  • Artisans: A populace devoted to the leisure and cultural pursuits. This society keeps is populations very happy.
  • Scientists: The majority of the given population are devoted to scientific endeavors.
  • Workers: A culture which values hard work above all else. Industry is given precedence above all other tasks.
  • Schemers: A society with a natural disposition towards dark deals and political machinations. This society is adept at intelligence operations.
  • Zealots: A culture completely dedicated to a single goal. All thought and effort is expended with this goal as the result. Though industry and intellectual pursuits suffer, this society excels at combat.
  • Engineers: A populace that is dedicated to engineering pursuits. These beings are adept at construction, maintaining, and repairing complex vehicles.
  • Merchants: Merchants have directed themselves towards economic pursuits. They excel at trade and deep space supply.
  • Renegades: A society almost to the point of anarchy, Renegades are highly factioned groups that prefer to work separately. Their diverse yet happy lifestyle keeps their population spreading throughout the galaxy.
  • Xenophobes: A culture which has no desire for interaction with other cultures. They desire to remain apart and distinct from the rest of the galaxy.

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