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A Cultural Achievement is a special ability granted to an empire for attaining a specific goal(s). In the stock SEV game, Cultural Achievements are gained by researching specific technologies, but to a modder, these goals may be nearly anything you heart desires. Often a Cultural Achievement is a bonus attributed to a specific attribute of the empire, such as happiness, or bonus research points. All of this is managed by the CulturalAchievements.txt file.

File Description

This file manages all of the Cultural Achievements in the game. By modifying this file, you may add, remove or change any Cultural Achievement you wish. Doing so is particular, however, so it is important to know the data fields and how you may use them to achieve specific effects.

Data Fields

Name Type Description, Use and Specific Allowed Values
Name Any Text The name of the Cultural Achievement
Description Any Text The description of the Achievement when viewed by the player.
Picture Number Integer
Portrait Filename
Large Portrait Filename
Maximum Level Integer The maximum number of achievements a player may gain of this type.
Number of Requirements
Requirements Evalutation Availability
Requirements Evaluation Allows Placement
Requirements Evaluation Allows Usage
Requirement <n> Description
Requirement <n> Formula
Requirement Number of Requirements is the number of requirements that must be satisfied to acquire this achievement. Below this are the formulas and text description of the requirements. In achievements, the first requirement additionally sets the level and level progression of the achievement as it relates to the tech tree. Additional requirements may include minimum levels of other tech areas, maximum levels (eg: for exclusive tech areas), racial traits, the requirement of another facility to be present on a planet or system, and other fancy things modders may possibly come up with in the future.
Number Of Abilities
Ability <n> Type
Ability <n> Description
Ability <n> Scope
Ability <n> Range Formula
Ability <n> Amount 1 Formula
Ability <n> Amount 2 Formula
Ability Number Of Abilities is the number of abilities that the achievement dispenses to the empire that uses it. It is here that one can modify the amount of research or resources that acquiring an achievement gives. Nearly all of the abilities are formula based adding an amount of something.

Sample Cultural Achievement Code

This example is provided by the Stock SEV game. It describes the Civics Achievement which is gained when you research Civics.

Name                                            := Civics Achievement
Description                                     := The study of society and how to make it work better.
Picture Number                                  := 2
Portrait Filename                               := Event_PopulationHappy.jpg
Large Portrait Filename                         := LargePortrait_Event_PopulationHappy.jpg
Maximum Level                                   := 20
Number Of Requirements                          := 1
Requirements Evaluation Availability            := AND
Requirements Evaluation Allows Placement        := TRUE
Requirements Evaluation Allows Usage            := TRUE
Requirement 1 Description                       := Empire must have at least tech level 1 in Civics.
Requirement 1 Formula                           := Get_Empire_Tech_Level("Civics") >= (1 + ([%Level%] - 1))
Number Of Abilities                             := 1
Ability 1 Type                                  := Planet Population Loyalty
Ability 1 Description                           := All populations have an improved loyalty of +[%Amount1%]%.
Ability 1 Scope                                 := Galaxy - This Player
Ability 1 Range Formula                         := 0
Ability 1 Amount 1 Formula                      := [%Level%]
Ability 1 Amount 2 Formula                      := 0

File Usage

This file, while it gives flavor and adds a sense of accomplishment for investment is actually not used much in the game. Nor does it actually reference any other files except what you call through the use of the functions in the abilities or requirements.

Uses Files

\Data\TechAreas.txt - (stock) For Research Based requirements.

Used By