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Cryslonite Flag.png

The Cryslonite race portrait

The Cryslonite are a race of crystalling beings living in gas giant worlds, primarily with hydrogen atmospheres. They are one of the stock races that come with Space Empires IV. They use Crystaline technology.

The following descriptions are from the actual game content.

The Cryslonite Imperium is a psychotic race of berserkers lead by their First One Zexlak. Their crystal bodies give them a natural ability with crystaline technology.

Biological Description

The Cryslonite are a race of sentient crystals that can manipulate their surroundings with directed energy waves. Their bodies form natural conducters for solar and radioactive energy. They reproduce through seperating a portion of their own bodies off, which later forms into a new individual. They have an average life span of 5 years.

Society Description

The Cryslonite have a society which is based on absolute understanding. Through direct communication via energy pulses, all of the cryslonite are always in contact with each other. They have no need for leaders or any other other government organization. They are always in agreement and always direct in their actions.

==General History== The Cryslonite are considered genocidal by most of the galaxy as they do not recognize any other lifeform but their own. Though they may engage in limited communication from time to time, they view biological lifeforms as merely an organic form. They have no problems with exterminating organic infections as needed.

Cryslonite in Fiction