Crew Insurrection

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Crew Insurrection is an intel project in Space Empires IV. A successful crew insurrection project causes the crew (or Master computer) of the target ship to spontaneously revolt against their masters and defect to your control. Crew insurrections are a great way to steal ships for analysis, stealing colony ships for enemy population and for generally harrassing enemy fleets: If the insurrected ship is in a fleet when it converts, it will immediately turn and fight all its former fleet-mates.

The target ship is either the ship selected by the instigator of the project, or a random ship if "any ship" was selected as target. Note that "any ship" can give a better chance of success, since a specifically targetted ship may be destroyed/ scrapped before the project comes to fruition.

In the unmodded game, this project is available to any player that has researched Applied Intelligence to tech level 2. The project costs 50000 intel points.