Convert SE4 Classic AIs to Gold

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How to patch a pre-Gold AI to work with Gold:

by capnq

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1. Pick an existing Gold race which you want the new race to act like.

2. Open the Gold race's <race>_AI_Settings.txt

3. Highlight and copy the lines from

"Ships don't move through minefields := <true/false>"


"Maximum Anti-Planet Drone Target System Distance := <number>"

4. Open the new race's <race>_AI_Settings.txt

5. Paste the copied text after

"Personality Group := <number>"

6. Save the file.

7. Open the Gold race's <race>_AI_Fleets.txt

8. Highlight and copy the line

"Percentage of Fleets to use for defense := <number>"

9. Open the new race's <race>_AI_Fleets.txt

10. Paste the copied text after

"Fleets Default Strategy := <strategy>"

11. Save the file.

12. If the new race has a <race>_AI_Strategies.txt file, open the Gold race's <race>_AI_Strategies.txt . If the Gold race doesn't have a Strategies file, open the Default_AI_Strategies.txt file from the Ai folder.

13. Highlight and copy the lines from

"Name := Drone Attack"


"Break Formation Drones := <true/false>"

14. Open the new race's <race>_AI_Strategies.txt

15. Paste the copied text after the last

"Break Formation Drones := <true/false>"


16. Save the file.

17. The new race is now Gold compatible. (Note that by "compatible", I mean the race won't produce all those error messages; this patch will /not/ teach the AI to research drones.)