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Units can be only be put in the construction queue as multiples such as 1, 5, 10, 20, 25, up to 200 at a time. (TerranC)

Exception: "One turn's worth" will put however many can be built at the current construction rate; if the unit can't be built in one turn, this still adds 1 to the queue. (capnq)

Emergency Build will increase the rate of your space yard by 1.5 of your normal rate but is then followed by a "slow" Building period that uses only a quarter of your normal rate for every turn Emergency was turned on. Emergency Build only works for 10 turns, and cannot be put on indefinitely. (TerranC, DirectorTsaarx) Bug: you actually can get 11 turns of EB by letting it go until it ends automatically.

Once you turn off "emergency build", or if you reach the 10 turn limit, the spaceyard will go into slow mode (25% of normal construction rate) for the number of turns it was in emergency build. It will stay in slow mode until complete and during this time it cannot be shifted back to emergency build.

If a colony that is in Emergency Build mode starts rioting (meaning no production at all), those turns still count toward the recovery time in slow-build mode. Example: a colony has been emergency building for four turns. It then falls into rioting for two turns with no production, then stops rioting and emergency builds for two more turns before emergency build is turned off. The colony will be in slow-build mode for eight turns.

Bug: If you give/trade a planet that has been operating on Emergency Build mode to another empire, its Emergency Build mode is turned off and its time in Emergency Build is cleared. It is considered cheating to use this exploit in multiplayer games. This bug is fixed with the v1.84 patch.

[A discussion on Emergency Building by Alneyan] Contrary to what might be believed, Emergency building can last for eleven turns, for only ten turns of slow build. Construction is checked eleven times between the turn when you switch Emergency build on (0.0 year of Emergency build) and the tenth turn (1.0 year of Emergency build), when it will be switched off. Nonetheless, this last turn still has the increased construction rates.

Besides emergencies, Emergency Build can be used for the following purposes: - To fully develop a planet with few facility slots. For example, if you want to build one Spaceport and four research centers, switching Emergency build on will allow you to build the Spaceport in two turns rather than three, at virtually no cost; the nine remaining turns will be more than enough to build your four research centers. The same could be used for Atmosphere Converters (done in five turns with Emergency Building, leaving you six turns to fill up the five remaining slots at best) among other facilities.

- To speed up the construction of expensive ships, aka Stellar Manipulation vessels. When the ETA before completion shows 1.6 year, Emergency building can bring the delay down to 1.1 year, which will be completed before Emergency building wears off. A net gain of five turns might be just all you need to close that wormhole before the invading fleet warps in, rather than crashing on said fleet.

By the same reasoning, spaceyards only expected to build a single item can use Emergency building to gain five turns of construction time. For example, a spaceyard base intended to build one remote-mining starbase would use Emergency build to get the starbase completed five turns before, resulting in a very significant gain by allowing the remote-mining operation to start five turns before.

- A common early game opening is to build eleven colony ships at your homeworld, in order to expand as quickly as can be done. By the time the homeworld goes back to very low construction rates, you should have at least one or two spaceyards somewhere else to carry on with the production, while your other colony ships do their best to give you a lead in expansion. You might need retrofits to manage this however, especially with average construction rates and/or a Medium-sized homeworld or below, which gives me the perfect opportunity to speak of retrofitting. [Thanks for the discussion on Emergency Building, Alneyan! His discussion on retrofitting has been incorporated into section 5.5.7]

If you put on an obsolete building queue on a planet construction queue, and click upgrade facilities, the construction queues will be changed to the latest model. Will not work for ships and units. (TerranC)

Unused construction queue points do not "spill over" to the next item when the current queue item is constructed. Say you're building a ship which costs 2000 Min, 500 Org, and 500 Rad and your Space Yard has 3300, 3300, 3300 build rating. The unused 1300 of unused mineral building is not used on the next queue item (You do not lose 1300 minerals, but the yard stands idle a fraction of a month). The only exception to this is if you are building units more than one at a time (i.e., you select something other than "1" or "one turn's worth" when it asks you how many you want to build. (Binford, Dogscoff)

The calculation of how much the planet or spaceyard will build when set to "One Turn's Worth" is made at the time that the order is placed in the queue. If the capacity of the shipyard changes for better or worse, the number ordered will not change. Examples of how this can happen: 1) you order 1 turn's worth of mines THEN place your spaceyard on emergency build. The number built would be 1 turn's worth at regular rate, 2) you place a spaceyard facility III in the build queue THEN place an order for 1 turn's worth of mines. The number built would be at the rate for no-spaceyard, 3) You order 1 turn's worth of mines THEN your planet's happiness goes down. In this case you might not even be able to build the amount in the queue in 1 turn because your planet's construction rate dropped due to population number drop (If you've picked up people in a transport or colony ship).

On a construction queue, you can use the Fill Queue button to save Groups of construction orders for repeated use. Put the items you want in the queue, Fill Queue, Add Queue; name the set. Once a set of orders is saved, it can be selected with Fill Queue to add the set to the construction queue. If an item in saved set becomes obsolete, Fill Queue will produce an error message when you select that set, so you have to define a new set whenever you upgrade a design. (Capnq)

Rioting Planets do not construct anything, as the construction queue will display "Never." (BBegemott) Also, their reproduction rate will go to 0%. To resolve Rioting: - (note See also section 12.1) (these examples and their relative effects can be found in the data file happiness.txt)

Station a fleet in that system. Better yet, park it over a specific planet that you want to improve.

Build troops in the system. Building troops on a planet also increases happiness for that particular planet. Tip: Amount of troops count, not quality, so you can design cheap troops with minimal components.

System happiness facilities, such as the Urban Pacification Centre (I, II, II) or special tech facilities/shrines increase happiness. The effects of these facilities seem to be very gradual, requiring several turns.

Winning battles improves population confidence and improves happiness, especially in the system in which the battle occurs. (Stone Mill)

A planet on Emergency Build, while rioting, still accumulates time in Emergency Build mode.

Population effects construction rates; the higher population, the better bonus to production. (Stone Mill)

The table for the increase in resource (min, org, rad, research, intel) production and construction rate with respect to population amount and happiness is as follows: Code:

Pop.(M)	Prod%   SY % (or Construction Rate if no SY)

1 - 99 100 100 (see also 4.3.10 for info on SY rate) 100 - 499 105 105 500 - 999 110 110 1000 - 1999 120 120 2000 - 2999 130 130 3000 - 3999 140 140 4000 - 4999 150 150 5000 - 5999 160 160 6000 - 6999 170 170 7000 - 7999 180 180 8000 - 9999 190 190

- 2000000 200 200

Riot 0 0 Angry 80 100 Unhappy 90 100 Indifferent 100 100 Happy 110 100 Jubilant 120 100

Note that after v1.91 patch, a "smoothed" scale for population effects has been implemented such that the bonuses are stepped in smaller increments in between each major division (settings.txt). There are too many break points to list here but the numbers listed are still correct for the major breakpoints.

Space Yards improve construction rate. Without any construction modifiers, a Space Yard I facility will not improve your construction rate but will allow you to construct ships & bases. You are allowed only one space yard per planet. Invest research in better Space Yard Technology (I,II,III) to increase construction rate. Note: (Special Temporal Tech) Temporal Space Yards have better rates. Unfortunately, you must first scrap your standard Space Yard in order to build them. (Stone Mill) _______________________blurb about reduced construction rate taking effect only after SY built.

You can get ripped off in the "build 1 turn's worth" since extra build capacity is lost- check out the build times for 1,5,10,etc if you were going to build that many anyway - could be shorter since additional build points are lost, but you won't get any of your units until the entire build time is complete.

Monolith facilities are very expensive and will take many turns to break even - use wisely. You can do a calculation of the break even (and even factor in the use of a Resource Converter) to see what makes better sense.

One Resource Converter can service your whole empire, or federation, or collective... you get the picture. Build it in a secure location.

Always build at least one resource converter more than needed. Nothing more crippling than a conquered resource converter if it is your only one. One class III converter can only convert a maximum of 1,365,000 resources into 955,500 of a different type per turn. If you try to convert more, the orders will be queued into the next turn. (Roanon)

Q&A on saved construction queues (Atrocities, CapnQ, Parasite) Q: Is there a way to Save a Queue and then Load it for another Planet? A: a. Yes. Open either the Planet Queue (Recommended) or the Construction Queue. b. If you opened the Construction Queue, then select the desired Planet. c. Fill the Planets Queue with whatever you desire. d. Then Click on the FILL QUEUE button fourth up from the bottom of the menu to the right. e. Click ADD f. Name your new Queue and save it. (Good idea to include Facility number, i.e. 18 Storage, Or 20 Battle Ship, etc. and tech level too.) g. Click Cancel to exit. h. Next time you open the Planet Queue of a new planet, Click on FILL QUEUE and choose the Queue (you named them) that you desire. i. Presto Your Planet Queue is full.

Q: Is the list saved globally to be able to be used in any/all games or is it just for the current game? A: Current game only. [Edit] Correction: Geoschmo reports that (F2) Game Menu/Save Empire saves the queues as well.

Q: Is the list static or dynamic regarding upgrades? i.e. Do I have to make another list when I research another facility upgrade or is the queue updated automatically? A(Parasite): Static for all things. Note: If you save a queue with a low Tech Level then after adding it, go to "Construction Queues" and click "Upgrade Facilities". It will upgrade all the faculties in your queues to the current Tech Level faculty. It also adds all needed updates to your construction queues. This may or may not be what you want.

Q: Can I add ships or is it limited to facilities? A: If you can build it, it can go in a saved queue.

Q: If possible, what happens if an obsolete ship is called? A: If the ship or unit is still shown on (F3) Designs when you turn off "Hide Obsolete", it will be inserted normally; if the obsolete design has already been purged, you get an error message: "We don't have the design for <itemName>."

Q: Is there error checking if I try to build too many facilities? A(Parasite): Yes. You will be given an error that your queue has exceeded the amount of available space. You just have to click OK once for each facility in the saved queue over the current queue limit. Making a queue with 7 items can then be added twice to fill a 15 queue, or three times in a 20 or 25 queue.

The way that resources are used during construction is as follows. Assume that the construction rate on a planet with a Spaceyard I is 2000 Min., 2000 Org., 2000 Rad.; and you are building a ship costing 6500 Min, 200 Org, 2000 Rad. The construction queue will use the max resources it can each turn until the item is built or it has reached the required amount of the given resource. So, on the first turn the planet will use 2000 Min, 200 Org, 2000 Rad. On the 2nd and 3rd turns it will use 2000 Min, 0 Org, 0 Rad. On the 4th turn it will use 500 Min, 0 Org, 0 Rad and the ship will be completed. Since most things require much more Minerals than any other resource, the Organic and Radioactives usage only happens in the beginning of a construction while the limiting resource usually is Minerals. Note that if you had redesigned this ship to only have 6000 Min instead of 6500 Minerals, it would have been completed 1 turn sooner. Keep construction rates in mind when designing ships & units so that you build efficiently. You can view the maximum build rate (and sort by it) by selecting "Rate" under the construction queue. You can see current usage (and sort by it) by selecting "Usage" under the construction queue. Usage will always be equal to or less than the Rate.

Q: How do I set up a planet's construction queue to build a spaceyard and then build ships without having to edit the queue after the spaceyard is built? A: Normally you can't add ships to a planet's construction queue until after the planet has a spaceyard facility. However there is a neat interface workaround. First, go to another planet that has a spaceyard and add your ship to its construction queue. Then save the construction queue using the process in section 4.4.13 above. Now, when you colonize a new planet, you can set up the build queue to build a spaceyard using the normal method and add ships to the queue using the saved queue. Don't try to abuse this by attempting to build a ship on a planet that doesn't have a spaceyard. You can add the ship to the build queue, but it won't be built. It will be removed from the queue on the next turn if it reaches the top and there is no spaceyard on the planet.

Q: What things will I produce on the next turn? A: Bring up the colony report, click on "Construction" tab on the right. Next sort by the "Time Remaining" tab. scroll down to see all the things that only need .1 years to build.

________________ "build one turn's worth" and remove population -> no longer 1 turn's worth.

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