Command and Control

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Command and Control

The components required in order to control a given vehicle, be it a ship, base, or unit. Ships and bases require either a full set of bridge, life support and crew quarters components or at least one master computer. Multiple computers are allowed for backup, as well as extra life support or crew quarters. Only one bridge is allowed but a single auxiliary control component can be added as a backup for the bridge in combat.

Space Empires IV

In Space Empires IV, damage to these componets in combat has the following effects:

  • Losing the bridge: 1/2 movement
  • Losing life support: 1/4 movement
  • Losing all crew quarters: 1/2 movement

Note: These effects to speed are rounded down. Also, any auxiliary control component only replaces the bridge during combat. Outside of combat you still suffer movement loss.

It is worth noting that the required number of these components can be changed by altering the VehicleSize.txt file. Any unit can be set to require a bridge, life support, or crew quarters equivalent.

Space Empires III

In Space Empires III, damage to these componets in combat has these effects:

  • Losing the bridge: x0.5
  • Losing life support: x0.0
  • Losing all crew quarters: x0.5

Note: These effects are cumulative. If you lose your bridge and crew quarters, your move is multiplied by 0.5^2 or 0.25, so you have 1/4 of your usual move. Also, minimum speed is 1 as long as the ship has functioning engines.

In Space Empires III, ship and base requirements are hard-coded into the software and cannot be changed by players or modders. The statistics for fighters, troops, and mines are in the game's data files and are not designs in the same sense that they are in Space Empires IV.