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Manual (SEIV)

SE4 turns can be processed by the game host via command line switches, allowing services like PBW to function. The player can also launch turns from the command line.

The format for the command line parameters is:

 Se4.exe "[Savegame path]" "[Password]" "[Player Number]" "[Mod path]" -nd


[Savegame Path] = Exact path to the savegame file.

[Game Password] = Either the game password if this is the host processing the turn, or the players password if you want to launch directly into a player’s turn.

[Player Number] = The specific player number you wish to launch into, or 0 if this is the host processing the turn.

[Mod path] = Override to the directory specified in the Path.txt file (this should just be the directory name of the mod, exactly what’s in Path.txt). You can leave this blank to just use the setting found in the Path.txt file.

-nd = Optional flag which indicates if any error dialogs should be displayed during the turn processing if an error occurs.

Note: To leave an option blank, just put two parenthesis with a space between them.


Host processing the turn, with no dialogs.

 Se4.exe "c:\program files\shrapnel games\malfador machination\space empires 
 iv\savegame\BigMulti.gam" "Master" "0" " " -nd

Player wants to launch directly into their game.

 Se4.exe "c:\se4\savegame\mygame.gam" "mypass" "1" " "

Host wants to process a turn with an alternate mod path, and have dialogs be displayed.

 Se4.exe "c:\se4\savegame\supergame.gam" "master" "0" "myMod"

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