Combining Mods (SEIV)

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Always put mods into their subdirectories

Always put each mod in its individual subdirectory. If the mod changes a file, the subdirectory will contain a new file. If the mod subdirectory doesn't contain a certain file, SE4 uses the file from the default directory (except files from the Data Directory). Once you have the modifications in their own subdirectories, you can see two modifications side by side.

If they don't modify the same file

It's easy to put them together. Just copy files over. Or create a new mod folder for your merged modification.

If they do modify the same file

You have some work to do. The data files are all text. You can cut and paste, but you have to be careful. Definitely create a new folder for your new mod.


  • You must check if there are redundant or incompatible items in the text files for your merged mod, and make some decisions about what to include.
  • Putting extra blank lines between text blocks and at the end of a text file has been known to confuse SE4 and cause it to not load the file.
  • Altering the order of some components has been know to affect the AI's ability to use a component. This is especially true with the colonization techs.

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