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Combat Systems

Weapon Types / Classes

Seeking. Example: (Missiles, Crystalline Torpedo). Once launched, have a 100% hit probability unless intercepted by point defense, or the target moves beyond the seekers' range. (Stone Mill,Capnq)

Direct Fire. Example: (Anti-Proton Beams, Normal Torpedoes). Must be fired within range determined by weapon type and mount. Offensive Bonus and Defensive Bonus variables affect the actual chance to hit. (Stone Mill)

Point Defense. Example: (Point-Defense Cannons I-V). Automatically fire at seekers, fighters, satellites, and drones when in weapon range. (Stone Mill,Capnq) ___________________ add to this

Armor and Shield Skipping. Example: (Null Space, Weapon Destroyers). Successful hits ignore enemy armor and shield components. Engine/Weapon Destroyers do damage to those components only. (Stone Mill, Kalthior)

Armor Skipping Example: (Boarding Parties, Security Stations, Crystalline Shard Cannons). (Stone Mill)

Shield Skipping. Example (Phased Polaron Beams). Successful hits ignore normal shield components. Phased Shields absorb Phased Polaron hits (Shields 6+ technology). (Stone Mill)

Warhead. ________________ ________________ other damage types

Point Defense Cannons (PDC)'s get a 70% to-hit bonus. (components.txt)

Incinerator beams get a 10% to hit bonus. (components.txt)

Wave-motion Guns get a 30% to hit bonus. (components.txt)

High-energy magnifiers get a 30% to hit bonus. (components.txt)

Tachyon canons get a 10% to hit bonus. (components.txt)

Mental singularity generators get at 20% to hit bonus. (components.txt)

PDC's don't need multiplex tracking. However, if you fire PDC's before your other weapons, you can lose 1 multiplex tracking "slot". If you have no multiplex tracking component, you may then be unable to fire your main weapons at another target. This bug does not apply if you fire your PDC's Last. Note: there is no limit to the number of targets that PDC's can target in a given combat turn.

Combat Sensors (I,II,III) greatly increase your ships ability % to-hit. (Stone Mill)

Combat Support -> ECM (I,II,III) greatly increases your ship's defensive bonus. (Stone Mill)

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