Combat Sensors

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Combat Sensors are electronic devices installed on a ship, base, or unit which increase the chance of direct-fire and point-defense weapons hitting their targets. Combat Sensors have no effect on seekers or warheads, as those weapons never miss anyway. To-hit calculations are simply additive: if you had a 50% chance of hitting a certain enemy without Combat Sensors, and you add a Combat Sensor rated at 20%, then your actual chance of hitting the enemy is 70%. However, to-hit chances never go above 99% or below 1%, save for when the Religious Talisman is used in Space Empires IV. Also, two Combat Sensors added to the same ship do not stack with each other; only the best one applies. In Space Empires IV, and only in Space Empires IV, Combat Sensors apply to an entire unit group (fighter group, satellite group, planet's worth of weapon platforms, etc.), so you only need one per group, not one per unit. (None of the other Space Empires games have unit stacking in combat.)