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Cloaking allows ships and units to be hidden from the view of enemy empires.

Becoming cloaked

Cloaking a ship requires either stealth armor or a cloaking device.

You need to have > 0 supplies to cloak, even if using stealth armor which uses no supplies. Ships will decloak when out of supplies.

Actions while cloaked

To attack with cloaked ships/fleets, you must first give the order to decloak before an attack. (Stone Mill) Only one ship in the fleet needs to be decloaked. (Grandpa Kim) Note that cloaked ships can get into combat if they encounter ships with right sensors that can "see" them.

You can launch/recover fighters/mines(not recover)/satellites, transfer cargo (or population), and resource mine while cloaked.

You cannot colonize while cloaked.

Cloaked ships can't be retrofitted.

Cloaked ships cannot perform stellar manipulation. (Quikngruvn)

Cloaked ships cannot sweep mines. (DavidG). A cloaked minesweeper will not uncloak to sweep a minefield.


Main article: Sight (SEIV)

To see a cloaked (level X) ship, you only need 1 kind of sensor (hyper optic, tachyon, gravitic, temporal, psychic) level X in the system. This sensor can be on any of your ships, bases or satellites, your ally's ship's or satellites (even the ship/sat that is cloaked!!!). This does not take into account storm/nebula effects.

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