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Manual (SEV)

In the Main Screen (Universe) type ` and then one of the following cheat codes and then `
En el teclado Español tienes que utilizar la tecla "Ñ".

Code Description
allplayershuman All players set to human control.
allempseen Current Player has encountered all other players.
allsysseen Current Player has seen all solar systems.
alltech Current Player gains all technologies.
omni Current Player is omnipresent in all solar systems.
nomaint Current Player's empire no longer pays maintenance.
money Add 100,000 resources of each type to the Current Player's treasury.
research Add 1,000,000 research points to the Current Player.
intel Add 1,000,000 intelligence points to the Current Player.
fastbuild All construction queues get 1,000,000 in accumulated resources.
retrofit [design name] Retrofit the current ship to the new design.
repair Completely repair the currently selected ship.
restoremove restores selected ship's movement
restoresupplies All of the Current Player's ships get full supplies and ordinance.
collisiongrid Show the collision grid in combat.
showstats Show statistics on the selected combat object.
viewallcombats All combats are shown on screen.
viewalldesigns Get copies of all enemy ship & unit designs.
showaianger Shows the anger status of known empires on the Empires screen.
recalc Recalculates the formulas used for the turn.
runturns [X] Run X turns with all players as computer players.

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