Capturing Planets (SEV)

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Capturing Planets (SEV)

If you want to have your fighters take part in ground combat, you have to drop them on to a planet like troops. Therefore some of them have to be in a cargo bay on a ship with the order to invade the planet. They therefore should not be started in space combat. (don't have a fighter bay on your transports, or disable the auto start option)

You should bring warships in. You will need them as targets for the planet and additional point defence sources. Your troop ships will not survive long enough, if the planet is defended.

Softening up the planets defenses without obliterating all structures may be difficult. You could try not to bring too much fire power in...

If you are playing BM, weapon platforms will be a problem, for their PD weapons can fire in ground combat, too. If they survive the space combat they will be a big problem. In stock, they can not fire in GC, so you can ignore surviving ones.

There is a tactical battle field for ground combat, but it is useless. There is no tactic in it, you more or less take all your troops and try to clear everything, but the buildings, from the map.

This is my tactics; I tend to turn minor worlds into glass:

Generally Homeworlds have Weapon Platforms on them, meaning getting your troop transports near without being obliterated can be a problem unless you take them out first. I tend to 'soften up' the planet first by taking a few of my best ships in and firing at maximum range till they stop firing back

You can see the progress of your damage by right clicking on the planet. Unfortunately your ships won't target just the WP's, so thar be a lot of collateral damage.

I tend to wipe out all, or the vast majority, of enemy troops so that when my troops do land they have to deal with very few enemies, or militia. Sometimes if lucky you can bombard a planet so much that you can take it over straight away without a fight in the same turn, avoiding ground combat phase.

Chances are most buildings will be damaged, and some destroyed.

Tactical combat is awful, and highly frustrating. It’s nothing like space combat, which I think is handled fairly well in SEV.

I highly recommend landing fast fighters with your invasion force. Damaged enemy troops tend to retreat and your troops frustratingly do not follow and engage unless you keep a constant eye on them. Fast fighters can be used to mop up the enemies who flee.

If you have even just one enemy troop still alive by the end of the phase then you’re in trouble. Next turn will spawn countless militia, and your remaining troops will more than likely be wiped out.

Given the time taken to build a good invasion force, the time you take making sure your force doesn’t accidentally glass a planet whilst trying to take out WP’s, and the frustration of tactical combat I find it easier to glass, or almost glass a planet.

You don’t gain any technology boosts should you conquer a planet with facilities that are a higher tech (which IMO would be an incentive NOT to glass). For example I was hoping I could discover the secrets of Temporal Tech by invading a race with that ability. I wasted countless turns trying to conquer and capture one that had temporal tech, and when I did realised it was pointless.

IMO, best to lay waste, land troops, and rebuild colony in ~20 turns. Or glass, and colonise with your own people. There are no repercussions for being evil and laying waste to 20 Billion people in the game.

If you research planet bombardment 20, you get a neutron bomb which only harms planet population. Using those, you kill off all their population, land your troops and in the combat that results they will only have 1 troop by default. March all over them.

Also in the stock game, the AI only builds missile based weap platforms. These wp's are useless in ground combat because they can't target troops.

I like to make 1 all purpose ship for capturing planet. -Battleship -6-10 point defense (Defend against missile wp's) -3k-8k points in shields -8-10 neutron bombs -ordinance to supply the neutrons

If the planet doesn't have wp's, you just pull up, neutron bomb the population to extinction and then land 5 troops to win.

If there are wp's you have to hope that your ship can either A) Shoot down all the incoming missiles or B) tank the damage with the shields while you wipe out the population

Besides the advantage of capturing a planet intact, there's also the benefit of taking on 5000M or so population from a homeworld, which can be quite handy if they breathe a different atmosphere than your race.

Ai seldom tries to capture a planet. Off course it depends on the mod you are useing, but I have only rarely seen the AI trying to capture a planet and do not remember seeing an AI useing fighters...