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The Capship Mod is a mod by Ed Kolis for Space Empires V. In this mod the distinction between ships and bases is removed, and a new distinction is added: that of capital ships vs. patrol ships.


The Capship Mod distinguishes between two types of ships: capital ships and patrol ships. Each can mount distinct sets of components and can be targeted by distinct sets of weapons. This is because in the mod, capital ships (such as battleships) are much larger than patrol ships (such as frigates).

Capital Ships vs. Patrol Ships

As stated above, capital ships are much, much larger than patrol ships, and can mount distinct sets of components and be targeted by distinct weapons designed to target them. In order to allow for this distinction, the "base" hull type had to be removed, and so now space stations are immobile patrol ships while starbases are immobile capital ships, rather than being in their own category.

Capital ships can carry much heavier armaments than patrol ships, and can install special armors unavailable to patrol ships. They can also install massive banks of guns which devastate entire flotillas of patrol ships like point-defense weaponry chews through fighters. However, patrol ships, since they are lighter, can install cloaking devices and anti-fighter weaponry, and have the obligatory defense bonuses.


There are four general types of weapons in Capship Mod, each with its own specialty:

  • Projectiles partially pierce shields, and are pretty much average in every other regard.
  • Beams partially pierce armor, and do not do much damage but can fire from long distances with little loss of accuracy.
  • Missiles partially pierce both shields and armor, and home in on targets but can be shot down en route by fighters or patrol ships' point defense weaponry.
  • Pulse weapons don't pierce anything, but simply do a lot of damage. They tend to be short-ranged and dissipate quickly though.

Each of these weapon types has four sizes: troop, fighter, patrol, and capital. Naturally the capital ship weapons cannot target anything smaller than a patrol ship, while the fighter weapons can't scratch a capital ship, but the patrol ships' weapons are fairly versatile. Troop weapons are detailed in the Ground Combat section. There are also weapon batteries (which are patrol-ship mounted arrays of fighter weapons with 10x faster fire rates, used for point defense) and weapon banks (which are the same thing but on a capital ship vs. patrol ship scale!)

Of course there are also bombs, which are used to attack planets, and warheads, which are installed on mines, drones, and fighters.

Ground Combat

The ground combat system found in the Capship Mod is unique: instead of installing weapons on a troop unit, the troop unit represents an army and you choose a commander (aggressive or defensive are the current choices) and divisions to serve under him. The whole army then moves at the speed of the slowest division it contains; if that division is destroyed the army should then speed up.

The aggressive commander's specialty is attacking, of course. His unit's attack rating is increased, while the defense rating suffers. The defensive commander is the opposite. The aggressive commander also prefers to be placed in a vulnerable position (outer hull slot), but he provides some firepower of his own. The defensive commander, on the other hand, prefers to be placed in a protected position (inner hull slot), but once all of the soldiers under his command are killed, he can run away from battle fairly quickly.

As for the soldiers themselves, research into the four primary types of weapons provides the divisions which make up an army:

  • Projectiles are represented by Tanks, armed with shell cannons and moving quickly.
  • Beams are represented by Marines, armed with laser rifles and moving slowly.
  • Missiles are represented by Artillery, armed with rockets and moving at moderate speed.
  • Pulses are represented by Neotanks, armed with plasma torches and moving very quickly. (OK, they're not anything like the Neotanks from Advance Wars, but whatever :P)


The mod also introduces a new experimental system for mines. While mines can still be laid in a sector, they are more useful in combat. They don't detonate automatically when ships enter the sector; instead, ships simply face them in combat. Mine design is a bit more interesting now since there's a tradeoff between installing warheads and installing armor.


This mod was created by Ed Kolis, but it uses the most excellent Balance Mod by Captain Kwok as a base, so Kwok should be credited here as well! Thanks Kwok!

Thanks also go to the various contributors to the Multimedia Pack, as well as Imperator Fyron for his Quadrant Mod which was incorporated into Balance Mod and thus into this mod.

Also something must be said for Suicide Junkie's Gritty Galaxy Mod - the weapons in Capship Mod are quite similar to those in Gritty Galaxy!

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