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The Bartelian Coalition is, to date, the largest SEIV shipset out there. TerranC's Sev set, created for the Adamant Mod, was the largest shipset for quite some time, but recently the Bartelians have taken up that position.

Created by Strategia, the Bartelians are a race prone to secrecy, though without much want or skill in the field of intelligence operations. No outsider has ever seen a Bartelian; they communicate through robotic entities called "Communicants", which are capable, to a certain extent, of translating diplomatic messages into the receiver's language, which sometimes actually results in proper translations.

The Bartelians, as a shipset, consist of metallic grey ships somewhat reminiscent of the Bob, though not intended so. Their warships are bristling with weapons; even the lowly Heavy Destroyer has multiple rotating cannons, several large guns and three rear-facing missile launchers. The Bartelians are compatible with at the very least most mods played at this moment; this is the reason they have so many ships. You can play the Dark Nova mod, the Adamant mod, Proportions, even the Highliner mod without having to resort to using the same image for multiple vehicle sizes, unless the data files specify it.

The Bartelians aren't hosted; they are, to date, only to be found at the Shrapnel forums. The thread can be found here.