Attacking Ships (SEIV)

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Attacking Ships


In order for a weapon to fire at a particular target (satellites, ships, etc.), that target must be included in the Weapon Details "Targets" list. (Stone Mill)

Supply Drain

Engines are the storage for supplies on the ship, therefore "Engine Only" weapons not only hits movement but the weapons too - No engines - No Supplies - Weapons can't fire at all, unless you have undamaged "Supply Component" (Georgig)

Shield Skipping

As is well documented the "Weapon Only" damage type skip all shields and armor and get straight to the component. One might assume that the "Only Boarding Parties" and "Only Security Stations" weapons do the same thing, but they do not. They only skip armor. !! In the post-1.67 patch, Ionic Dispersers, which destroy engines, will not skip shields. (geoschmo, Suicide Junkie, Quikngruvn)

Chance to hit with direct-fire weapons

The chance that a direct-fire weapon will hit its target depends on the following factors:

  1. Range: longer range is less chance to hit (-10% per square on the tactical map).
  2. Racial bonuses: aggressiveness for the attacker, defensiveness for the target.
  3. Cultural bonuses: the Space Combat bonus of both attacker (added) and target (subtracted).
  4. Ship and fleet experience: experience of the attacker is added to the chance, experience of the defender is subtracted. Ship and fleet experience are cumulative (if the ship is in a fleet).
  5. Inherent weapon to-hit bonuses: for example, the Wave-Motion Gun has a built-in +30% chance to hit.
  6. Size of the target: smaller ships (light cruiser and smaller) are harder to hit.
  7. Components: Combat sensors on the attacker increase the chance to hit; ECM, stealth armor, and scattering armor on the defender all decrease the chance.
  8. Weapon mount: some mounts, such as weapon platform mounts, increase the chance to hit. (Quikngruvn)
  9. Caveats:
    • If the attacking ship has a talisman, every direct-fire shot will hit, if in range.
    • Without a talisman, the highest adjusted chance to hit you can have is 99%.
    • The lowest adjusted chance to hit you can have is 1%. (Quikngruvn)
    • The base to-hit is 100%, and is moddable in settings.txt. However, the closest two ships can get without ramming each other is range 1, so that might make it effectively 90% (Suicide Junkie)

Partial Damage and Specialty Weapons

If it doesn't destroy a component entirely, the partial damage is added to the next weapon that hits the ship. This partial damage adopts whatever damage type the second weapon has.

Only-X damage types (eg. weapon damaging) leave no "excess" damage, but can benefit from the leftover normal damage from previous shots to destroy something they normally could not.

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