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Planet Combat Information:

Planets get a offense modifier of 30% and a defense modifier of -200%. (settings.txt) This -200% defense modifier is too large to be overcome by other defensive components and it means that planet will always be hit so it doesn't make sense to add defensive components like ECM to weapon platforms.

The planet has a natural ability of [multiplex tracking] 10 targets each combat turn. (Foreman)

The Planet Object

The planet is an object that occupies 4x4, totally 16 grids; the center four 2x2 grids have different characteristic compared with the outer 12 grids. (Foreman)

Planets and Direct Fire Weapons

All non-seeker weapons can be fired from any grid of a planet. (Foreman)

Planets and Seeker Weapons

Seeker weapons can be fired upon any grid of planet, but only deal damage if that missile can hit the left-up grid of the center 4 grids. (Foreman)

Seeker weapons can be fired from any center grids of a planet. (Foreman)

Directional Oddity

If you attack a planet from a bottom or right side (on the combat map), planet has 30% less chance to hit you. This is apparently a bug (either Planet Combat Offense Modifier is ignored or it's something about planet occupying 3x3 squares), but you can exploit it if you wish. (Aiken) Q(TurinTurambar): But how would you use it in a simul-game? Can you send your fleet or troopship to the square below the planet in sys-map, and then give it the attack order from there? (..or orders given in a string of course..)? A(Aiken): Yes, you can. Just follow this scheme:


If you start attacking from the "A" squares (on the system map) you'll start on the right or bottom of combat map for sure. Else you ships will start on the top or left of combat map, or drift there. "O" is a planet.


Plagues kill the population of a planet every game turn and increase anger levels. You only need to hit a planet once with a Plague Bomb to give it a plague. For more about plagues, see Plague (SEIV)

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