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Please follow the guidelines on this page when naming new pages to be created in the wiki. Specifically, if a category shares a name that may be duplicated in another category, please add a suffic specifying the locality of the page. See the page titles section below. If you have questions about this guideline, please see this page's discussion at Talk:Article Naming Conventions. Thank you.

Current Abbreviations Used

When abbreviating common Space Empires names/title, please use the Roman numerical abbreviation. For example, common abbreviations are:

Page Titles

Please do not use prefixes when naming pages. For similar titled pages that are individual for separate categories, please use an abbreviated suffix with the keyword for. Elsewhere, suffixes are used for keeping FAQs and Guides file names short. Please visit the discussion pages for FAQs and guides for instructions on their creating subsections and their title naming conventions. In all other cases where a term is more generic, then no abbreviation is fine. Just create the file.

For example, the page Shipsets may appear in the SEIII, SEIV and SEV sections. Each version would describe shipsets and their unique implementation for that game. However, instead of a single Shipsets page, there are several pages - Shipsets (SEIII), Shipsets (SEIV) and Shipsets (SEV). The keyword Shipsets is then used as an index, explaining genericly what a shipset is, and linking out to the detailed sections.

The reason for using a suffix is allow categories to work properly. If everything is prefixed with SE... then the category pages would list everything under S, which is highly undesirable.


All pages should fall into one of the major categories.

For example, Shipsets SEIII should fall into the Space Empires III category, and should have [[Category:Space Empires III]] at the top.

Categories are created only when there are a majority of articles linked elsewhere from that generic page to more specific pages. Please use the Talk:Categories discussion page to introduce new categories.