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The Ars Scientia Mod focuses on improving the research system of Space Empires V. It does so by incorporating several new concepts, such as randomized research and specialized research labs.


Ars Scientia means for "The Art of Science" in Latin. As such, the research model of the game has been completely revamped. In addition, there are a number of other significant changes.

Enhanced Ground Combat

From the Capship Mod, the ground combat model is redone as well. Gone are "mass hordes of troops"; instead, each troop unit represents an entire army, and as such is composed not of weapons, shields, armor, etc. but instead of various divisions of troops, such as marines and tanks. Since there are fewer troops in play at a time, this prevents the combat engine from bogging down!

New Technologies and Uses for Old Technologies

New technologies are added in this mod, and old ones have some new uses as well (though others are removed for simplicity's sake). A sampling of the additions and changes follow:

  • Wide Area Jammer - A facility which jams the combat sensors of enemy ships within a certain hex radius.
  • Refinery - This version of the stock Radioactives Extraction Facility also produces supplies, as Resupply Depots no longer produce supplies on their own; they only distribute them.
  • Sensor Relay Station - A facility which enhances the sensor radius of all nearby ships.

Reactor System

Per one of Suicide Junkie's ideas, supplies and ordnance will no longer be supplies and ordnance. Instead, they will be Energy and Fuel. There will be Reactor components which convert fuel to energy automatically each turn to replenish energy stores on a ship. Thus, when a ship runs out of energy, it will be /temporarily/ unable to move very fast or fire weapons - but the next turn, once the batteries have recharged, it will be able to move and fire again. (You would, of course, be able to load up on fuel from a fuel tanker or a colony once it runs low.) This concept does have the disadvantage of removing ordnance from the game, however; weapons will only be able to use supplies.

Randomized Research

From the Random Research Mod, research results are "randomized" - you never know just when you're getting that technology, because you could get a breakthrough at any time (depending on your invested research points), but on the other hand, your invested research points decay over time!

Specialized Research Labs

Each of the eight major tech areas (corresponding to a stock Theoretical Science) has its own specialized research labs, which generate points just for that lab's specialty - an Astronomical Observatory generates points toward Astronomy, for instance. You can still build regular research labs (and in fact you must because the specialized labs only perform theoretical research, not applied research), but the regular labs don't produce as many points as the specialized ones. The specialized research is accomplished via an event script that runs each turn, checking every colony for the presence of these labs and incrementing the empire's research counters appropriately.


  • Ed Kolis - for designing this mod
  • Aaron Hall - for creating Space Empires V
  • Imperator Fyron - for creating Fyron's Quadrant Mod (incorporated into this mod)
  • Captain Kwok - for creating the Balance Mod (parts of which have been incorporated into this mod)
  • Suicide Junkie - for the random research and reactor concepts

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