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Amonkrie Flag.png

The Amon'krie race portrait

The Amonkrie are one of the stock races that come with Space Empires IV. They are one of the ice-dwelling races. They are a xenophobic type who make their homes under the soil of a planet. They prefer ice planets with methane atmospheres.

The Amonkrie feature in other Space Empires games as well- See Amonkrie for details.

Lead by Lord Amon-Kurath, the Amon'krie Continuum is an honorable race that enjoys peaceful conditions, although they have a xenophobic culture. By default they use the 'scandina.txt' design name file.

The following Biological, Society, and History descriptions are from the actual game content.

Biological Description

The Amon'krie are small worm-like beings just under 2 meters long. They propel their bodies by undulating their underside. They have several small tubules near their head which they use to grasp tools. They prefer to make their homes under the soil of a planet and have very poor eyesight. Their average lifespan is about 50 years.

Society Description

The Amon'krie have a society made up of several groups of governing personnel. Each group has absolute authority over a different sector of their government. They work together in a delicate network of checks and balances. Their society is strongly xenophobic and does not interact well with other races.

General History

The Amon'krie are thought to have evolved on a planet far on the rim of the galaxy. They developed spaceflight relatively quickly, but found no other sentient life near them. Over the centuries, they developed the belief that theirs was the only race in existance. As they ventured further into the galaxy, they did finally encounter other species but their isolation had already left them strongly xenophobic.