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Kuna AddOn Mod for SE5 dramatically improves the gameplay of SE5 but keeps balance of Captain Kwok's Balance Mod.


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The AddOn Mod adds new kind of planets Condensed, Water, Enormous and Gigantus as well as new atmospheres Ammonia, Sulphur Dioxide and Hydrochloric. It changes graphic to a universe adding dust stars, more stars and planets rotation. In a relation to the Balance Mod, supply abilities of planets were rebalanced, a few changes to the technologies of facilities were added as well as Hostile Atmosphere trait. Changes in an arrangement of science groups were made and a mud section of the galaxy was added in starting options. All above new as well as older elemets are balanced statistically. It includes five new empires which must be download separately.

The latest version is 1.30, which is compatible with the US/English v1.79 of Space Empires V. It includes Captain Kwok's Balance Mod v1.19h AI.

There are the files:

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