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Abbidon Flag.png

The Abbidon race portrait

The Abbidon are one of the stock races that come with Space Empires IV. They are one of the few gas giant-dwelling races. They use psychic technology.

The Abbidon Enclave is lead by their Speaker, Verath. By default they use the 'argentin.txt' design name file. They are a race that prefers peaceful situations, and have a neutral demeanor.

The following biological, societal, and historical descriptions are from actual game content.

Biological Description

The Abbidon are one of the rare species to evolve on a gas giant planet. Their bodies are naturally quite flat and undulate to propel them through the swirling gasses of their planet. Their eyesight is quite poor, but they have a form of natural radar that they emit to navigate. Their bodies are approximately 3 meters long and they live about 90 years. Their skin is normally dark orange in color, but can change depending on their mood.

Society Description

The Abbidon society is not really much of one. It contains no real structure but is merely a collection of individuals who congregate as it pleases them. The fact that they can build and maintain starships has left many a scholar puzzled. They don't take much interest in material matters, but prefer their aerial artwork which consists of convoluted vapor patterns created by their bodies as they move through the atmosphere.

General History

The Abbidon did eventually move out into space, but only after they were forced to. They were content to remain on their home planet with little interest in space travel. However, a devastating asteroid strike changed their minds. With half of their homeworld's population decimated, they devoted themselves to obtaining space travel. After many decades of arduous work, the Abbidon moved out into the galaxy.

Abbidon in Fiction

  • The Abbidon are minor players in The Walkers, by Chewy027.