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Aaron Hall

Aaron Hall is the creator of the Space Empires series and founder of the independent game company Malfador Machinations. He first ventured into this arena in 1993 with Space Empires I, which was never publicly released.

Two years later, Malfador was founded with the release of Space Empires II. Aaron hired a long-time friend, Russell Saito, the next year during the development process for Space Empires III, which was released in 1997. The next summer, Aaron and his small company began development of Space Empires IV and signed with producer Shrapnel Games for distribution.

Between the present and the release of Space Empires IV, Malfador also released Starfury (2003), a space simulation game based in a universe not unlike that of Space Empires IV and Dungeon Odyssey (2002), an action RPG not unlike Diablo. Though neither proved to be the cult hit of his previous works, Aaron continued support of both titles and is reportedly considering another Starfury title after his current project.

Space Empires V was released in Q4 2006.

Aaron Hall is married and is an occasional visitor to the Space Empires IRC channel.


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