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Where AI bonuses applies

AI bonuses applies to intelligence, research and resources, exist in x2, x3 and x5. Construction rates: Low x1.5, medium x2, high x3 (Suicide Junkie, Rexxx)

Effect of different AI Difficulty levels

AI Difficulty: Setting the AI difficulty to Medium or Low causes some of the ministers to be disabled for that empire. High Difficulty makes the AI use all of its ministers. Setting this below "high" is not recommended. (Suicide Junkie)

Only High Difficulty AI uses fleets

Another important reason to use High Difficulty is that fleets the AI won't use fleets below this setting. The AI is handicapped enough by not being able to adapt to the situation; at least let the AI use its full potential.

Wrong. Easy AIs use fleets. It doesn't use them too effectively, but it does use them. I've played them enough to know this. --Kythorak

All computer players versus all human players

One more option I would recommend in the game setup: choose the Team Mode: All computer players versus all human players. This will prevent wars between the AI races and they will fight all together your empire. (Q)

How to make an extreme challenging game

For a really good game do the following: Set AI bonuses both to high. Set Racial points to 5k. Manually edit your race taking 50% on all characteristics and no adv. Racial traits and choose the neutral culture. Begin and enjoy. (Atrocities)

How AI cheats

AI cheating to know planet cargo, score, etc.

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